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Who wants to live in a cramped, cluttered house? Not you?and not prospective homebuyers either. Make your home more liveable for yourself and more appealing to others when you take these seven tips on board.

Purge Your Clutter
A cluttered room feels cramped and uncomfortable. If your whole house is cluttered, it probably isn't very inviting to visitors. Get rid of as much clutter as possible, and investigate some good storage options for the rest of your stuff.
Paint Walls and Ceilings
Dark paint colors make a room feel like the walls and ceilings are closing in. Busy patterned wallpaper has the same effect. Instead, paint your walls in light colors such as white, cream or pale yellow. The ceiling should be plain white to give the illusion of height.
Extend Your Floors
Do you have throw rugs all over your floors? If so, your rooms probably look even smaller than they really are. Visually, you want your floors to create an unbroken line, and rugs break up that line. Choose light-color wooden flooring with a high gloss, or neutral color carpeting.
Choose Monochrome Furniture
When it comes to picking the best furnishings for a small house, the idea is to create visual uniformity within each room. Instead of having several mismatched pieces of furniture, buy matching sets in pale cream or cool greens and blues.
Shed Some Light on the Matter
Adding light sources is one of the quickest and easiest ways to make a small house seem more spacious. You can light up a dark family room with floor lamps, brighten a dingy study with a cheerful desk lamp and open up a narrow hallway with track lighting.
Show Off Your Windows
Increase the impact of natural sunlight by trading in your heavy, dark-colored drapes for sheer or light-colored curtains. The longer the curtains, the higher your ceilings will appear. Or hang flat blinds in a light color to make your walls appear longer and wider.
Have Fun With Accent Colors
Although your furniture and walls should follow a neutral palette, that doesn't mean you can't bring a splash of color into your decorating scheme. Skillfully placed throw pillows, vases or paintings in vibrant shades can attract attention to the best features.
These easy decorating tips will help you make your home seem more spacious. You will enjoy the new feeling of space, and prospective buyers will find your home inviting and airy.

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