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If your house paint is near the end of its life expectancy, you are taking a chance by postponing repainting. It does not take long for exposed wood to begin to rot, and other types of exteriors also suffer when the paint wears off. Wait too long and you may have to make repairs before starting to paint.
1.Paint when it is warm.
Exterior latex paint forms the most durable, protective finish when the weather is mild.  It is always best to do exterior painting when the temperature is above 10 degrees Celsius. By painting in moderate weather, you will likely get a longer-lasting paint job."
2. Watch out for wind.
When painting, pick a day that is not too windy. Like the heat of the sun, wind can cause latex paint to dry too quickly and prevent optimal paint film formation. Plus, wind can stir up dust and other contaminants that can embed in the paint to create an inviting surface for mildew, which feeds on such matter.
3. Wait for great weather.
You should also try to avoid "weather events" that could affect the paint, waiting for another day if it has rained within the last 24 hours,postponing the job if several days of rain are expected right after you finish painting.
4. Prepare the surface.
That includes applying a coat of primer to any new surface that has never been painted,spot-priming previously painted surfaces where the paint is worn away.
5. Quality makes it last.
To extend the life of your paint job, it is good idea to apply the very highest quality 100 acrylic latex paint, which is especially durable, flexible and colorfast. Top quality paint often lasts 10 yearsmore, compared to about four years for ordinary paint, saving you time, work, and money in the long run. For the longest-lasting paint job, always apply at least two coats—either a coat of primer and a coat of paint,two coats of house paint.

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